Current Series

No one talks about it

There's some topics that different people seen to stay away from. Evolution, sex, homosexuality, miracles, politics, and other topics that are people see as hard to conquer.  We are going there - to all the topics that "no one talks about." Let's dive in and get to the bottom of what and why we believe in the hard to talk about areas.

Life with Faith Family

Faith Family Worship Center invites you to join us in living life through the words of our savior, Jesus Christ.  Through service, teaching, worship and community gatherings, we desire to be a beacon of light leading your family to hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. Find even more about our mission on our Mission Page.

  • Bible based preaching

    Faith Family Worship Center believes in the infallible word of God and this is the basis of all teaching throughout our Ministries.  Come experience the Word of God with us, taught through relevant and contemporary means.

  • Faith Filled worship

    1 Chronicles tells us to "Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvations day after day." Worship is the expression of reverence and adoration to our God. Through contemporary and traditional singing we exalt and turn our hearts toward our savior.

  • Family Centered Ministries

    We believe in teaching and ministering to all ages in the family, not just adults.  Youth and Children ministries are fun inviting environments where they can grow friendships while learning about Jesus and life with Bible based teaching.  Come visit Children's Ministry Sundays during the 10:30 AM service or Wednesdays at 6:30 for our Youth service.