We are a group of imperfect people seeking a perfect savior. Through the work of the cross we want to pursue people with the same passion that Christ has pursued us with. We want to make Jesus famous! 

Life change

We love to celebrate life change. When someone encounters the love of Christ they are compelled to live life differently. That change is beautiful and we celebrate it!  

Core values

Faith Family Worship Center continues to grow spiritually, and a large part of that is attributed to the core values of the church.

  • Culture

    We desire to create a culture in everything that we do that would be pleasing to God.

  • Relationships

    We invest in the lives of others. We share burdens and celebrate each other’s success. We consider others more important than ourselves.

  • Action

    As the body of Christ, we work to contribute more than we consume.

  • Growth

    We encourage people to grow closer to God through every phase of their life. We won’t settle for status quo.